Gateway to Consumers in Asia

Accepting JCB opens business to a new world of customers





JCB is a major global payment brand and a leading payment card issuer and acquirer in Asia.
JCB cards are now issued in 18 countries and regions, including Japan, China, South Korea and Taiwan.
We offer high-quality and value added products to benefit merchants globally.

As of March 2024

*Cardmembers include other payment related products and estimates.

International brands payment network

JCB has built reciprocal relationships with other major international payment brands.
JCB cards are accepted in the U.S. through our partnership with Discover® Global Network, and in Canada, Australia, and New Zealand through American Express International, Inc.
We are continuing to strengthen our partnerships to provide further convenience for our cardmembers.

What we do in the U.S.

We support our merchant partners across Americas to enable seamless and compliant payment gateways, that accelerate business growth and competitive advantage.

Accepting JCB card

Accepting JCB allows access to unique demographics across the rapidly growing and developing APAC region.

Show the JCB Logo

Increase your volume and improve your customer’s experience by displaying the JCB logo. Simply displaying the JCB logo at checkout has influenced merchants’ payment volume directly.

Partner with JCB

We build relationships with payment intermediaries. Why not open your merchants’ door to a new global customer base with JCB? The alliance between JCB and Discover Global Network provides payment intermediaries and their agents new revenue opportunities.

Payment solutions

JCB has made the improvement and expansion of the payment infrastructure a priority. In addition we are working to develop a new technology that will be a key component in providing services to our customers