Explore Sedona, Arizona!

Use Your JCB card to Experience the Desert Beauty of Sedona Arizona

Explore Sedona, Arizona for the travel experience of a lifetime! Against the backdrop of multiple red sandstone mountains, the city of Sedona is a mixture of serene desert lush with green vegetation, city nightlife that gives you that small-town feeling full of bars with live entertainment, and fine restaurants featuring Southwestern BBQ dishes with sweet desserts.

The first thing you will want to do is to put on your best outdoor clothes as Sedona has some of the most beautiful views of rock formations in the United States. For anyone visiting for the first time and looking to explore, here are some of the first places you will want to see in Sedona, Arizona.

Bell Rock is a 500-foot-tall formation of rock that resembles a massive bell and is surrounded by massive red rock canyon walls.

Boyton Canyon is a popular trail that has a spectacular view of Coconino sandstone cliffs.

Cathedral Rock is a beautiful red sandstone formation that is considered one of the most photographed attractions in Sedona’s Red Rock Country.

And lastly, Airport Mesa has a looping trail and a scenic drive that will give you a panoramic view of Sedona. Some of these trails can vary in degree of difficulty ranging from easy walks to more challenging and strenuous hikes, so go at your own pace and bring lots of drinking water with you. Once you are ready to eat after a long day spent exploring the wilderness, check out these unique spots only found in Sedona, Arizona.

Have you ever seen a McDonalds location with a turquoise-colored logo instead of the golden yellow color? The city of Sedona has very specific structure rules to protect the surrounding natural scenery which the company McDonalds happily agreed to and draws thousands of travelers. Don’t forget to take a picture with the logo during your visit!

If you are in the mood for breakfast and donuts, check out the very popular donut shop Sedonuts. A play-on name of the city ‘Sedona’, Sedonuts is a locally owned donut shop that also create pastries and organic coffee.

If you prefer Japanese cuisine, visit Hiro’s Sushi & Japanese Kitchen for a traditional Japanese menu with signature sushi rolls, Japanese entrees, and sake. BBQ grills and steak are very popular in Sedona, Arizona. We recommend you try Open Range Grill Tavern restaurant which serves American and Cantina cuisine made with organic, fresh, and locally raised ingredients. And before you leave, you will want to buy a souvenir of your trip by visiting Crystal Magic, a gift shop that sells rock crystals, gemstones, jewelry, art, and incense.

Use your JCB card during your visit and enjoy your stay in Sedona, Arizona.