sneakers on the three tier shelves

Do you know what a ‘sneakerhead’ is? It is English slang referring to a sneaker fan who is passionate about collecting and admiring hard to get sneakers. ‘Sneaker Maniac’ is the term often used in Japanese. Many sneakerheads are very active in purchasing and selling their collections online as well. There are a few online stores/marketplaces based in the US that specialize in sneakers and JCB cards are accepted as one of their payment options.





Goat website top page with the image of AIR JORDAN 1 and other sneakers
Source: Goat

Headquartered in Los Angeles, California, Goat is an online and mobile app resale marketplace for rare sneakers as well as apparel from premium street and sportswear brands. What Goat makes unique and trustworthy is how its sales transactions are handled. To be able sell items on Goat, the sellers including individuals, retailers and stores, are required to provide their information and be approved by Goat. When a purchase is made by buyers, the sold item is checked by Goat’s authenticators before shipping to buyers. In addition, Goat provides buyers with certification to prove authenticity.





Source: StockX

StockX is an online and mobile app marketplace from which you can buy sneakers similar to trading stocks on Wall Street. The price of items varies based on supply and demand. This system is unique and it is interesting to see prices shift on items you are interested in even if you do not make a purchase. After items are purchased, StockX reviews them for authenticity and ships purchases to buyers. You may be able to purchase very rare items such as Jordan, Yeezy, Supreme, or Off White on StockX.





Source: Kith

Kith is a boutique that is geared to street apparel, sneakers, and sports apparel. Their online store carries a wide variety items that are not available for purchase in some countries/areas. When Kith releases new items on their online store and physical stores they tend to sell out immediately. A series of product collaborations with popular brands are released often and recently Kith has been gaining popularity among celebrities. Kith offers international shipping.