Use Your JCB Card to Pay Your Tuition through Flywire

Flywire, one of the most secure methods available for students to pay tuition, now accepts JCB as a payment method allowing easy access to our cardmembers to more than 2,000 educational institutions across the world, including the United States.

Flywire is convenient to use with the website localized in Chinese, Spanish, Korean, Japanese, French, and Portuguese. After submitting payment you can check your payment status as well as payment confirmation.

Currently Flywire allows payment with JCB card in the following currencies: Korean won (KRW), Japanese yen (JPY), Vietnamese dong (VND), New Taiwan dollar (TWD), Philippine peso (PHP), Chinese yuan (CNY), Thai baht (THB), Indonesian rupiah (IDR), Russian ruble (RUB), Singapore dollar (SGD), Hong Kong dollar (HKD), and Myanmar Kyat (MMK).

3 Easy Steps to use JCB as payment on Flywire:

1. Access Flywire website, then click on ‘Make a Payment’ tab and choose ‘Pay’.

2. Enter the school name or select the school by using the pull-down arrow on the ‘select the payment recipient you want to pay’.  If the school is a client of Flywire, the schools name will appear on the search bar.  Choose ‘Continue’ when you have selected your school.

3. Enter the country where your credit card was issued as well as the payment amount. Choose ‘Next’ to move on to the next steps which will allow you to select the payment option, enter payer or student information, and process payment. When the process is complete, you can check status of your payment*.

Flywire offers payment service to medical institution as well. Please check the website for more details.

*Screen views may differ by school.