Have you ever wanted to buy American brand products such as makeup or clothing but the online store does not offer international shipping or fees are too expensive? We have good options for you to solve this problem when you use your JCB card at these US-based shipping and forwarding service providers*!




MyUS is a major US-based forwarding service company that ships to more than 220 countries around the world. Their shipping fee is calculated by weight, so you can use the shipping calculator on the MyUS site to get an estimate of the shipping cost before sending a package.


Planet Express


Planet Express is a forwarding service company founded in 2017. They have shipping warehouses in Oregon, California, and the United Kingdom. Planet Express will accept your package using their forwarding address and then your package is sent from one of their distribution centers to your overseas address. The company also offers additional services such as bundle shipping, which combines your multiple orders into one box to save on overall shipping cost.  Their website clearly explains how their process works and is easy to understand from opening an account to shipping products and everything in between.





OPAS is a long-established Japanese forwarding service distributor. Thanks to their location in Oregon where there is no sales tax on goods purchased, which could mean you save money and avoid extra costs especially on high-priced items. OPAS also offers a reward program called “OPAS Rewards”. You earn “OPAS Rewards” points based on using their shipping service and your points can be used in the future for their services.  They also have a referral system that current OPAS users can receive free international shipping or cash back when referred members signup and use their services.  OPAS is not only for importing personal use items but can also be used for commercial purposes if you own a business.



*JCB strives to introduce companies that satisfy our customers, but please note that we are not responsible for any problems that may occur by using these websites.