Open Your Door to a New Global Customer Base with JCB

Are your merchants accepting?

The JCB-Discover® alliance provides MSP’s, ISO’s and their agents new revenue opportunities. When you sign new merchants and educate them on accepting JCB, your merchant wins by gaining access to a major global payment brand and the valued Asian consumer market. That means incremental sales to your merchant and more money for you and your agents.

Are your e-commerce merchants missing the valued Asian consumer market?

JCB cards provide you access to one of the World’s largest e-commerce markets.

Accepting the JCB Card has never been easier!

JCB is now accepted where Discover is accepted

  • Offering merchants a one-stop solution for attracting more customers
  • If your merchants have an account with Discover, they now have JCB Card acceptance included with the services from Discover Network
  • The BIN range for JCB Card acceptance is included with the Discover Network agreement
  • JCB transactions are managed like Discover transactions and charged the same discount rate
  • Earn revenue like your Discover transactions
  • Contact JCB to learn about promotional items and flyers for your merchant kits

Expand your marketplace to over 150 million of the world’s best customers

Partnering with JCB makes it simple to add acceptance of a major global brand to your existing contracts, software and point of sale equipment. Our alliance with Discover allows for JCB transactions to be managed under the Discover Network and JCB card acceptance is treated the same as any other Discover transaction. JCB card purchases are almost twice of other domestic credit cards.  Make sure your merchants are displaying the JCB brand!

JCB ISO/MSP Marketing Tools

JCB offers various marketing tools to assist your sales activities.

For more information about how we can assist you in marketing JCB, please Contact Us.