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JCB Flight Management System

As of May 31, 2018, JCB will discontinue the service of this product.  Please refer to the FAQ for details.

JCB Flight Management System (FMS)

JCB FMS is a powerful business tool to simplify travel arrangements for your company by saving you time and improve control of your travel expenditures.

Introducing JCB FMS

The JCB Flight Management System (JCB FMS) is a non-card settlement account that can be used by authorized company employees to purchase airline and Amtrak tickets. Designed to ease the process of arranging your corporate travel plans transaction appear in a single account and detailed reports of account activity are generated for your company’s analysis and reconcilement. Streamline and take control of your corporate travel today with JCB FMS.

  1. Submit a JCB FMS application for approval.
  2. Make arrangements with JCB to customize your account.
  3. Once approved for a JCB FMS account, simply inform your designated travel agency to charge all your ticket purchases to your JCB FMS account number.
  4. A monthly statement itemizing all your ticket purchases will be sent to you.

JCB FMS Account Features


JCB FMS charges you no annual fee/set-up fee.


Receive up to 0.5% in cash rebates for all purchase transactions. You will earn 1 JCB Cash Back Point for every $200 in purchases you make for each billing cycle period. 1 JCB Cash Back point is equivalent to $1.00 in cash value and there is no maximum number of JCB Cash Back Points you can earn.


Each authorized employee receives:

  • Air/Common Carrier Insurance coverage of up to $500,000 if you use the JCB FMS to purchase your airline ticket.
  • Lost Luggage Insurance coverage of up to $2,000 if you use the JCB FMS to purchase your airline ticket.

JCB Billing and Pricing

JCB FMS offers your company the management reporting flexibility you have come to expect from a quality corporate card program.

  • Detailed expense billing
  • Master account billing or individual billing options
  • Choice between beginning of the month or month end receipt options
  • Up to 60 days cash float from the time of ticket purchase until the payment is due. Since JCB FMS is a non-revolving account, no interest will be charged on the account.

JCB FMS Account Service

A toll-free customer service line is available to handle your account inquiries. You can reach JCB Cardmember Services at 1-877-481-4711, Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Pacific Time. Services are available in English and Japanese.